Sunday, August 24, 2008

MacArthurCook Propertiy Security Fund

Chanced upon this fund that is listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). It provides relatively high yield (>10%)

Distribution for 2008 was 10.5 cents per unit.

Forecasted distribution for 2009 is 7.0 cents per unit. The reasons for the decrease was stated as reduced distribution on the Fund's underlying investments and increased borrowing cost. At current price of $0.425, it gives a yield of around 20% since payout is in Australian dollars.

A greater amount of proceeds are also being used to reduce the debt of the fund.

Some details about the fund:

The MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund provides:

* A forecast distribution 10.5 cents per unit for the year to 30 June 2008 with approximately 60% of the income being tax advantaged.

* An investment in a broad portfolio of low risk unlisted and listed property funds, with an investment bias to higher yielding unlisted property trusts.

* Investment in Australian domiciled funds some of which have exposure to overseas properties and markets.

* Diversification across asset type, geographic region, property sector, tenant and manager. The Fund currently invests in 51 funds through 30 managers.

* Prudent capital management through actively managing the Funds capital structure, while optimizing yield from its existing portfolio.

* Ability to realise your investment through daily trading on the ASX and SGX.

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