Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tata Might Shift Production of Nano, Time Running out for Singur Plant?

Tata Might Shift Production of Nano. Tata Motors might shift the production of its Nano car away from West Bengal as the stalemate over its production plant with local farmers and authorities continues. It was reported that Tata Motors was scouring for new sites for the production of the world's cheapest car, the Nano. Tata Motors had promised to set up a meeting between Karnataka Chief Minister and Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata after the former recently offered 1,000 acres of land to the conglomerate for setting up a small car Nano production facility in the state. After Tata Motors officially announced the suspension of construction and commissioning of work at the Nano plant at Singur on September 2, several states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, invited the auto-maker to set up plant for the world's cheapest car. Bengal's economy is expected to suffer should Tata shift its production facility of the Nano.

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