Sunday, October 5, 2008

Top 5 Favorite Singpaore Stock Websites

These are the top 5 Singapore Stock Websites that I visit:

1. WallStraits Forum

Wallstraits has been a site that I have been visiting for sometime now. It is mainly a FA stock analysis kind of forum though there are other people who post about a wide range of topics there. Lots of insightful discussions especially amongst the "older" forumers who have been posting there for a long time. Interesting to see how their views differ and sometimes even conflict with one another. This has lead to some ugly scenes in the past.

2. Huatopedia

A site that I just discovered. Huatopedia looks pretty new and seems similar to Shareinvestor when it first started out. Huatopedia however is free for everyone to view. The number of postings are few but they are truly quality postings. Not bad to drop by and check out a counter you are interested in to see what alternative views there are about it.

3. Bully The Bear (La Papillion's Blog)

Bully the Bear is a nice blog with a chat box that allows users to chat in real time (my favorite). Of course, LP gives a very good analysis of various stocks which are insightful and interesting at the same time.

4. MusicWhiz

I guess Musicwhiz needs no introduction in Singapore. Quite active in both Wallstraits and Huatopedia, his insights are great and are worth the read.

5. Yield Stocks

This is a wonderful site which tracks various yield stocks and REITs. Updated frequently and the information is of the highest quality.

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grandrake said...

Hey, wanted to let you know that Huatopedia was renamed to Investideas and moved in Aug 09.

The new URL for the forum is:


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