Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Rogers: Food Prices Will SkyRocket; Currency Crisis Coming?

Below is a report on what Jim Rogers has to say about the current global financial crisis and where the stock markets are heading:


Renowned investor Jim Rogers says that the rally in stocks and the dollar will soon end, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s massive easing policy.

“I’m not buying shares anywhere,” he tells Bloomberg TV.

“I’m not selling short yet. But…if it keeps going like this, I’ll have to start selling short eventually. I don’t see the stock market as a great place to be in the next two to three years, maybe even the next decade.”

As for the dollar, “we’re going to have a currency crisis probably this fall or the fall of 2010,” Rogers says.

“It’s been building up for a long time. We’ve had a huge rally in the dollar, an artificial rally. …

The U.S. dollar is a very flawed currency.”

Bonds also are overvalued, he says.

And where does Rogers see investment opportunities? Commodities, as he has argued for months.

“The only place I know where the fundamentals are getting better is raw materials,” he explains.

“We’re going to have serious food shortages. … Prices are going to go through the roof.”

Whether the economy rebounds or not, “commodities are going to lead it,” Rogers says.

“Commodities are still the best place to be because supply is declining, and governments are printing huge amounts of money.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, famous for his prescient financial forecasts, agrees with Rogers.

With governments around the world wildly printing money, gold and copper may “rally massively,” he told a recent conference.

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