Thursday, December 29, 2011

SembCorp Utilities and Hyflux News

SembCorp Utilities and Hyflux are among 16 companies that are contending for a license to develop, own, finance and operate an US$350-400 million  independent water project (IWP) in Oman.  This is according to news reports from Oman.

An increase in population as well as the decommissioning of older desalination plants makes it necessary to meet demands to alleviate the predicted shortfall.  Due to urgent demand for water, the qualification stage for this project will be skipped.  This will be the 2nd IWP to be developed in Oman and will take place over 2 phases with Phase 1 to be completed by May 2013 and Phase 2 by Apr 2014.

SembCorp is actually developing the US$1 billion Salalah IWPP (integrated water and power project) in which it holds a 60% interest.  Coincidentally, Hyflux is one of the subcontractors building a desalination plant.

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