Thursday, January 26, 2012

First REIT Dividend History

First REIT has just declared its distribution for 4Q2011 at 1.93 cents per unit that will be payable on 29 Feb 2011.  First REIT's dividend or distribution history for the past few years are as follows:

1Q - 1.88cents
2Q - 1.92 cents
3Q - 1.90 cents
4Q - 1.92 cents


1Q - 1.90cents
2Q - 1.92 cents
3Q - 1.94 cents
4Q - 1.96 cents  (including rights issue, otherwise 0.87 cents)


1Q - 1.58cents
2Q - 1.58 cents
3Q - 1.92 cents
4Q - 1.93 cent

The distribution for 4Q 2011 includes distribution coming out of portion of the gains on divestment of the Adam Road property in 1Q 2011.

As of Jan 2012, First REIT has a total of 5 hospital properties in Indonesia, 1 hotel and country club in Indonesia, 3 nursing homes in Singapore and 1 hospital in South Korea.  It is targeting to increase its asset base to S$1 bil in the next 2 to 3 years.

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