Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jim Rogers: Global Economic Outlook 05.05.08

This is a brief summary of Jim Rogers outlook on the global economy:

1. Jim Rogers says that the slide in the U.S. stock market is still not reflective of the economic crisis that it is in. Asia's real estate might be hit by the US housing crisis.

2. Jim Rogers says that the commodity bull run is not a bubble. Firstly, that the bull run is based on the fundamentals of supply and demand. Secondly, there are very little investors who invests in commodities so there can be no bubble with a lack of speculators.

3. Rogers believes that the bull market will continue in China and Taiwan.

4. 3 Billion people in Asia are working hard to get the kind of lives the people in the West are living.

5. Vietnam as a possible investment opportunity with 80 million of the same ethnic group people working hard. Able to leverage on their proximity to China and India. Stock market also not as highly valuated as China.

6. US dollar to continue to strengthened this year even thought the dollar is flawed. Jim Rogers is looking to sell his US dollars by end of this year and buy into the Chinese RMB, Swiss Francs and Yen.

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