Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Portfolio battered by recent Bloodbath

Was looking through my portfolio and realised that I was totally battered in the recent bloodbath (this should serve as a warning to all readers.... do not ( i repeat), do not follow any of my investment advice. (okay, I don't actually dish out any advice but please don't follow me in what I buy in the stock market for my portfolio)

Here are some of the stocks and unit trusts in my portfolio:

1. Kingboard
2. First REITs
3. Ascott REITs
4. Hongguo
5. Pac Andes
6. Innotek
7. Unifood
8. China Aviation Oil
9. Suntec REITs

Unit Trusts:
1. AIA regional fixed income
2. AIA global resources

All I can say is that my portfolio is deeply battered. But the past month has been a success for me in little ways.

Firstly, I have managed to increase my passive income.
Secondly, I have explored the use of Google's adsense and have made a tiny bit of money

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Mike Dirnt said...

interesting blog you got there. i will add your link in my blog. just give me awhile to add in because im not at home now.

no more updates on your portfolio? i find it is interesting to look at what others are holding. btw you got a huge portfolio of 100k at your age!

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