Thursday, May 22, 2008

SAF Group Term Insurance

Aviva actually provides very good term insurance through the SAF Group Term Life Insurance. This means that you basically pay a very low monthly installment for insurance coverage. Note however that for term insurance, you usually do not get any $$ back unlike life insurance or other Investment Linked Products (ILPs) sold by other insurance firms. So you can treat it as saving up money on insurance to put that spare cash into higher yielding investments compared to ILPs. If you are not financially savvy enough to do your own investments, then perhaps it will be better to just go for a life insurance. You will however have to pay a much higher installment. Of course, you will get a return on your installments. This return might not be very high but it may be better than if you were to invest your money and lose it.

For those who however prefer to do their own investments, the SAF Group Term Life Insurance is a good option. Do find out more for yourself.

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