Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybank iSaavy Account

Maybank iSaavy Account gives one of the highest deposit rates for your money.

$5000 below - 0.88%
$5000 to $50000 - 1.08%
$50,000 and above - 1.38%

Interests are paid monthly and every 6 months, interest on interest is offered


Derek said...


I'm Derek from and I will like to request a link exchange on your site.

The aim of my site is to become an aggregator for quality Finance and Investing blogs/sites in Singapore. By consolidating quality sites like yours together, I hope to spread the the knowledge and information to more people.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


ntuchartist said...

Hi, I also happen to come across your blog from fellow financial bloggers. Am hoping that we could do a link exchange too.

My webby is at

bk said...

Sure no problem! I will add both your links to my site. Great to know that people are actually reading my blog even though I am not really posting "quality" content like your blogs and websites.

I do frequent both your sites actually. Keep up the good work.

Derek said...

Hi BK,

Thanks! I have added your link into my site.

As I'm using a rotating blog roll, your link may not appear on the first attempt but each time my website is refreshed, a new set of links will appear. Hence, your link will definitely appear.

Merry Christmas!

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