Monday, August 18, 2008

Top 3 Singapore Small Cap Stocks

These are the top 3 small cap stocks that I would load up till the end of the year. They are already currently in my existing portfolio. Added Hongguo to my portfolio only last week. They are not in any order of priority:

1. Pac Andes
2. Kingboard
3. Hongguo

Have a different view or think that there is a better stock out there? Do drop your comments.


sharn said...

as a value investor, how do you feel about pac andes repeated issuance of new stock?

bk said...

I would rather not have them issue new stocks and the scrip dividends.

I'd rather they just pay out less dividends or use that dividends to make more money =)

Just my 2 cents

J. said...

Are there any ETFs or mutual funds that invest primarily in Singapore small caps??

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