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Shanghai Pudong International Airport 上海浦东国际机场

The image on the right is a picture of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

It is the primary international airport serving Shanghai of the People's Republic of China. Located about 30 kilometres from the city centre, it occupies a 40 kilometre square site adjacent to the coastline in the eastern edge of Pudong district within the boundaries of the Shanghai Municipality.

The airport is organised around two main passenger terminals, flanked on both sides by three parallel runways. Current airport masterplans call for the building of a third passenger terminal, a satellite terminal and two additional runways by 2015, raising its capacity from the current 60 million passengers annually to 80 million, along with the ability to handle six million tonnes of air freight. A station for the Shanghai Maglev Train is sited between the passenger teminals, providing the world's first commercial high-speed maglev service to downtown Pudong in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. The airport is open round the clock, one of the few Chinese airports to do so.

The airport is the main hub for China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, and a major international hub for Air China. A total of 28.95 million passengers passed through the airport in 2007, 45% higher than the 20 million capacity of Terminal 1 which was the sole operating terminal during that period. It handles more international passengers than Beijing Capital International Airport, currently the busiest Chinese airport in terms of total passengers handled, with 17,518,790 international passengers handled in 2007, a 9.0% increase over the previous year. It is also a major hub for the handling of air freight, with 2,494,808 metric tonnes handled in 2007 and making it the fifth busiest in the world in terms of freight traffic. Freight traffic grew 15.5% in 2007, and is likely to increase further when the new West Cargo Terminal Area becomes operational in the first half of 2008.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Aviation Fuel Supply Company Ltd

Formed in 1997, Shanghai Pudong International Airport Aviation Fuel Supply Company Ltd ("SPIA") is the sole supplier of jet fuel for Shanghai Pudong International Airport ("Pudong Airport"), China's second largest airport. It is also the exclusive owner and operator of jet fuel supply facilities, including a 42-km pipeline directly connecting Pudong Airport to Shanghai Waigaoqiao port.

SPIA provides jet fuel procurement, distribution and storage services for all domestic and international airlines at Pudong Airport. SPIA currently services more than 60 airlines. International flights historically accounted for 75% to 85% of all scheduled flights at Pudong Airport.

In July 2002, CAO bought a 33% stake in SPIA, and became the second largest shareholder in SPIA. The other two shareholders are Shanghai Pudong International Airport (40%) and Sinopec Gaoqiao Petrochemical Corporation Co. Ltd (27%).

Annual volumes of fuel supplied by SPIA from 2003 to 2006 are as follows:

Volume of fuel supplied by SPIA
(Million Tonnes)



Extracted from Wikipedia and CAO website respectively

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