Wednesday, March 31, 2010

China Aviation Oil

I just received the Summary Report 2009 for China Aviation Oil. I have been holding this stock for quite a few years now. Bought into it after the trading debacle that made this stock a stock everyone was afraid to touch.

In the heading of the summary report 2009, it shows the words EXPANDING HORIZONS.

Here is the vision and mission statement from CAO:

Our Vision

To become an internationally competitive and growth-oriented integrated energy trading company with synergetic assets, characterised by integrity and innovation.

Our Mission

1. To maintain our position as the preferred importer and most important international supplier of jet fuel in the People's Republic of China.

2. To be a leading jet fuel supplier/trader in the Asia Pacific region.

3. To be an important international trader/supplier of other oil products and petrochemicals.

4. To achieve sustainable growth in shareholder value.

5. To create a secure working environment where employees feel motivated and have a sense of belonging.

6. To be a socially responsible corporation, proactively undertaking economic, cultural, educational and environmental responsibilities.

Vision and Mission statements are always important to me as it provides an indicator to me on what the company's business is really about and what they hope to become.

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