Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singapore Peter Lim bids for Liverpool

Singapore's very own billionaire who made his fortune as a remisier (or stock broker) is making a bid to buy Liverpool. Peter Lim is a well-known remisier who made profitable investments in companies like Wilmar, FJ Benjamin and the like. Peter Lim is one of Singapore's 40 Richest People.

While he has kept a low-profile, the recent news that he has made an offer to buy Liverpool has sparked so much interest that it even made it to the front page of the Straits Times today. In fact, Google search trends also reveal that the word "Peter Lim" has also been Googled quite a fair bit in the recent few days that the news was made known.

Mr Lim's offer is indeed an attractive one as he will require no financing. He will also clear the club's debts and even inject additional funds to allow new players to be bought.

Most Singaporeans are probably keeping their fingers crossed and hope that the deal will eventually materialise.

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