Thursday, August 14, 2008

Current Portfolio of Stocks

Below is a list of my current portfolio of stocks:

1. Ascott REITs (bought for distribution)
2. First REITs (bought for distribution)
3. InnoTek (bought for dividends)
4. Hongguo (bought for growth)
5. China Aviation Oil (bought for growth)
6. Pac Andes (bought for growth)
7. Kingboard (believe that it is undervalued)
8. Unifood (reminder to myself of the silly mistake I made of not selling when price was dropping)

Many stocks in SGX currently looks undervalued compared to a year ago. But of course compared to back in early 2000, these stocks are still not as fairly priced as I think they should be. Should I slowly load up more stocks or should I continue to wait at the sidelines for the prices to hit a new low?

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